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Largest Team House Cleaning Company in St. Louis

Standard Services

Here’s a breakdown of the things we consider standard procedure to make your House Beautiful!


We wipe down and clean the outsides of cabinet fronts, countertops and all appliances – including stovetops, burner cups and range hoods. We clean the interior of microwaves and wipe down tables and chairs. We sweep and wash floors with cool water, scour sinks and shine chrome.


We wipe down and disinfect all tile and grout, scour tubs and sinks, disinfect basins and the toilet area, clean shower glass doors, mirrors and shine all fixtures. We sweep, and hands and knees-wash bathroom floors.


We dust tops, fronts, side and legs of furniture. We will pick up and dust all knickknacks.

Glass Work

We clean pictures, mirrors, glass tabletops, and sliding glass doors.


We vacuum all wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, and stairways.  Resilient flooring will be swept (i.e. stone, tile and wood floors).

Included Services

We can also empty trash and clean ashtrays. In addition, we can change sheets and make beds if fresh linen is left on the bed.

Ask about our fair exchange policy which allows you to exchange a "standard service" for an "extra service,"  thus customizing your cleaning at no additional charge.

clean the outsides of cabinet fronts

Access to the house can be arranged three ways:

1. We can accept a key in which we keep locked and coded. (Alarm codes are accepted.)

2. Client can leave a key hidden on their premises or leave a designated door unlocked.

3. If you wish to be home while the crew is cleaning, you may phone the office the working day before the cleaning, and we can tell you within an hour or two of when your crew will arrive.

House Beautiful believes in keeping an open line of communication with you. Your notes to our crews are always welcome, and we appreciate knowing your special priorities.

The House Beautiful office must be notified at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment.

Locally Owned and Operated

House Beautiful Will Not:

  • Clean outside of home
  • Move heavy pieces of furniture
  • Get on ladders
  • Go into pantries, closets and drawers (except in a vacant home)

The above “Do Nots” are governed by Workman’s Compensation and Public Liability Insurance.