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The Benefits of Fall Cleaning

Pile Of Leaves And Rake
You've heard of spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? When each season ends and the new begins, your home can benefit from the deep clean that only a professional can offer. As the kids go back to school, you put the beach blankets away, and you start unpacking your wooly sweaters, take a look why you should add a professional-level home cleaning to your fall to-do list.

Get Rid of Summer Leftovers

The summer was likely filled with days of outdoor park and backyard play. And that equals dirt, mud, and grime tracked into your home on a daily basis. A professional cleaning service can remove the leftover mess from your summer staycations or pool days that you may not be aware of or be able to clean with your regular vacuum or mop.

Make Up for Busy Vacation Time

You may have spent the summer traveling or taking multiple weekend getaways. While you had a memorable season, you likely didn't have time to keep your house perfectly clean. Even though you may have vacuumed when necessary or committed yourself to other smaller-sized cleaning tasks, a professional can remove the layer of dust and grime that's accumulated while you were away.

Along with dust and dirt, a summer filled with vacations doesn't give most homeowners time to declutter. Too much clutter can create an anxiety-producing environment. A messy, disorganized space can increase your stress level, causing anxiety. It can even lead to the use of  coping mechanisms, such as over-eating, to compensate for a consistently stressful state.

Prepare for Holidays on the Horizon

While you may feel like you just celebrated July Fourth, in reality, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are already on the horizon. Instead of waiting until the holidays are here, a post-summer, early-fall cleaning helps you to prep for guests (or at the very least, the holiday rush).

While you'll still have to spot clean, dust, and organize before the holidays, hiring a professional to do the dirty work takes some of the burden away from you. This gives you extra time to start shopping or prepare your holiday menu.

Beyond adding extra free time to your busy life, having a professional clean your home prior to the holidays shows your guests that you care. They'll feel comfortable eating off of your germ-free kitchen counters or using the sparkling tub in your usually dusty guest bathroom.

Take Care of Lots of Leaves

The warm, sunny summer days are almost gone. Now that fall is almost here, the weather is getting chilly, rainy, and possibly even flurrying. And then there are the fall leaves. The wet weather combined with fallen leaves creates a slippery (and messy) situation when tracked into your home.

Hire a professional cleaning service to keep your floors sparkling and your carpets pristine to make your life infinitely easier. You won't need to constantly wipe down the flooring or worry about your family falling on what their shoes carry in.

Start Over

The new season provides a chance to start over. The fall is traditionally seen as the start of a whole new year - school year that is. Whether you have children who are starting school or not, use this time as an opportunity to start over and completely refresh your home. A deep cleaning from a professional service provides a level of intensity that you may not be able to accomplish on your own.

Remove Germs

Microorganisms are ever-present in the home environment. Even though you're likely to have bacteria and viruses invade your indoor space during all seasons, the summertime brings extra issues. Backyard barbeques may result in foodborne bacteria (in raw hamburgers or other grilling items) in your kitchen or dining room. Likewise, wet bathing suits that are soaked in public pool water may also carry germs into your bathroom.

A deep clean can remove any lingering microorganisms. Professional cleaners can also look for and clean mildew or mold that your wet pool towels or rain-soaked shoes left behind.

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