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Prep Your Home for the Holidays With These Add-Ons

Clean Appliances
Keep your holiday season stress-free by starting your preparations now. Most likely, you will either have visitors or overnight guests to your home this holiday season. It's only natural for you to want your home to look its best. Here are a few tasks you should consider adding to your regular house cleaning sessions to prepare your home for house guests, entertaining, and holiday fun. 

1. Have Your Appliances Cleaned

In many homes, the kitchen serves as the gathering spot at seasonal family dinners, holiday parties, and cookie exchanges. Make sure that your kitchen is ready for guests and marathon baking sessions by having your housekeeper clean your appliances.

Though most general cleaning sessions include the exterior of the appliances, you typically need to request interior cleaning as an additional task. Remember, you may have guests assisting with holiday cooking and cleanup; you want the interiors of your appliances to look suitable for food preparations.

If you have a self-cleaning oven, you might wonder if you should just run a self-cleaning cycle instead. Avoid using the self-clean feature when you need your oven to remain in working order. The self-clean feature stresses the interior of your oven and may cause components that are approaching the end of their life span to fail. Some also find that the self-clean cycle results in an intense odor that persists for days after the cleaning session.

Instead, have your housekeeper tackle interior messes with vinegar, baking soda, and a scrub brush. Though chemical oven cleaners are an option, some households choose to avoid them due to the odor. If you have an event planned right after your cleaning session, the strong chemicals might leave a lingering smell.  

Don't forget your small appliances, like your slow cooker, roaster, coffee maker, blender, and toaster. If you seldom use these items, you can easily forget that they are overdue for a cleaning.

2. Request an Extensive Vacuuming Session

A thorough cleaning can make your home more comfortable for guests who suffer from allergies. Have your house cleaning team vacuum surfaces that are prone to accumulating dust, pollen, and mold spores, such as your upholstered furniture, woodwork, ceiling fans, blinds, and vents. 

Some cleaning teams don't move furniture or appliances for regular cleaning sessions. If yours doesn't, add this deep cleaning task in to make sure hidden dust and pet hair don't plague your house guests. See that your cleaners use tools and equipment that capture and remove dust, rather than releasing it into the air in your home.

If you know that you will have guests staying with you who are sensitive to allergens, you may prefer to book an additional general cleaning session to maintain a space with minimal dust. Wooden surfaces, like baseboards, door frames, and ceilings, should receive a thorough dusting every week or two to prevent dust from accumulating to levels that can bother allergy sufferers.

Otherwise, a dusting every month or two is fine. 

3. Ask Your Cleaners to Organize Hidden Spaces

Closed-off spaces, like cabinets and linen closets, are commonly overlooked. However, if you are hosting overnight guests this holiday season, you want to make sure that visitors can quickly find a towel, wash cloth, or extra blanket.

Though the shelves inside of your closets and shelves don't typically get as dusty as their exposed counterparts, they may also need a dusting to make sure a layer of grime doesn't greet your holiday guests. Tell your housekeeper which areas need attention.

Some of the tasks your housekeeper can tackle to make these spaces look their best include neatly folding linens, washing linens that smell dusty or stale, and organizing the space so that the contents are easy to find.

Ready to get your home prepared for the holidays? Contact Cleaning by House Beautiful Inc. today to schedule your holiday cleaning sessions.