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How to Keep Your Home Clean Between Professional Cleanings

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Many households that use a cleaning service find that they still struggle to keep their home clean between visits from the cleaner. Fortunately, homeowners can do many small things to keep their home cleaner. These ten tips will help homeowners keep a clean house even while they're waiting for the house cleaner to come to their home. 

1. Keep Cleaning Products in Each Room

Small messes are more likely to be picked up when the cleaning products are nearby. Put cleaning products or cleaning tools in every room of the house to make it easier to clean small messes as they occur.

For example, store disposable wipes and a small broom in a closet in the dining room to make it easier to clean messes on the floor. In bedrooms, keep a small dusting rag for removing dust from furniture. 

2. Wipe Down Sinks Before Bed

Sinks have a way of looking messy even after just a day of use. Keep disposable wipes in the bathroom and kitchen, and wipe down sinks in these rooms at the end of each evening. Use the wipes to clean up hair, food, and miscellaneous dirt that may have accumulated around the walls, drains, and faucets of each sink. 

3. Brush Your Pet Outside 

Pet hair has a way of coating everything from sofas to carpeting. Daily brushing sessions can help, but you'll find even better results if you brush your pet outside. Brushing your pet outside can help keep the home free from dander and pet fur. When the weather is poor, brush your pet in the garage instead. 

4. Address Carpet Stains Immediately 

Carpet stains are harder to clean up the longer they sit on the carpet. Keep the house looking cleaner by cleaning the carpet right away after something spills. In households with children, teach children to clean up their stains, spills, and messes as soon as they occur. 

5. Clean the Kitchen Every Night After Cooking 

Cooking can leave the kitchen very dirty. Clean the kitchen thoroughly every night in areas where food was prepared to ensure that the kitchen stays adequately clean between meals.   

6. Unclog the Bathtub Drain

Slowly draining water can leave slimy, slippery soap scum on the sides of your bathtub. This scum can build up quickly, leaving the bathtub a mess. Unclog the bathroom drain as these problems occur to help keep the bathtub cleaner. 

7. Get on the Robot Vacuum Bandwagon

Robot vacuums make it easier to maintain clean floors. You can set these pricey but handy household devices to run once per day to vacuum the high traffic areas where people track in dirt and grime. 

8. Hold 15-Minute Cleaning Sessions Nightly

Clutter can build up quickly in most households, leaving a big cleaning chore on weekends. Minimize this problem by simply doing a quick decluttering and straightening every evening. Get everyone in your household to participate to get the maximum amount of work done in the shortest amount of time. 

9. Empty Trash Cans In Every Room Before They're Full

Go through your house at least twice per week and empty trash cans that are becoming full. This task keeps rooms from smelling and avoids unsightly overflowing cans, and it frees up space for new trash after cleaning. 

10. Consider Increasing Visits From Your Cleaning Service

Households commonly use a cleaning service every two weeks, but sometimes that's not enough. Especially in larger families and in households with pets, cleaning needs to happen once per week to ensure that the house stays adequately cleaned.

If you find that your home gets messy in the time between visits from the professional cleaning service, talk to your cleaning service to increase visits and get your house properly cleaned. 

If you have more questions about how you can keep your house cleaner between professional cleaning days, contact Cleaning by House Beautiful Inc.. We're happy to answer any questions you might have about cleaning.