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3 Essential Seasonal Cleaning Tasks Professionals Can Help With

Clean Dishes at Kitchen
 During the winter, your family may spend more time indoors cooking, preparing treats, and celebrating, which is why your home may accumulate more grime than normal. While cleaning after guests have left can help to tackle messes, many homeowners overlook crucial deep-cleaning jobs that should be done regularly.

Here are three essential seasonal cleaning tasks professionals can help with and why you will benefit from hiring out the service.

1. Appliance Cleaning and Sanitizing
Cooking at home can be healthy, nostalgic, and fun, but unfortunately, extra use can be hard on your appliances. Over time, ovens and stovetops can accumulate spills and burnt food particles, which can eventually coat essential heating elements and put extra strain on your appliances.

Fume hoods can also accumulate grease and food debris, creating bad odors and potential fire hazards when you use the device. Even your refrigerator can endure abuse during the busy winter cooking season. Storing extra leftovers can cause interiors to become smudged and grimy, and odors can permeate throughout your refrigerator.

Fortunately, professional cleaners can help to clean even the most difficult appliances.

By understanding how to clean a variety of surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, and even ceramic surfaces, they can quickly and efficiently blast away grease, grime, and odor-causing stains, making your kitchen fit for cooking. Additionally, professionals can sanitize cooking surfaces and refrigerator interiors, helping to prevent foodborne illness caused by cross contamination.

2. Baseboard and Trim Cleaning
During the winter, the air inside of your home can circulate multiple times a day, allowing dust to accumulate throughout your home. One area homeowners typically overlook is baseboards and trim work, creating an unkempt, dirty appearance in your home.

Unfortunately, trim and baseboards can be notoriously difficult and time-consuming to clean, especially if you have mobility problems or struggle to bend over for long periods. Painted surfaces can also require extra care since you can unintentionally scrub away paint colors or sheen.

By working with a team of professional cleaners, you can have them dust, clean, and polish the baseboards, wainscoting, and battens of your home, making your home cleaner and protecting your indoor air quality.

By removing dust, you can keep it from circulating through your home again, which may even ward off allergies. Regular baseboard cleaning also helps to protect the finishes of your home, since dust buildup can be abrasive and cause permanent staining.

3. Upholstery Vacuuming
While most homeowners vacuum their homes regularly, many don't remember to tackle upholstered chairs, sofas, and ottomans, especially if you don't notice visible dust.

However, fabric and leather can accumulate microscopic dust and grime, which can cause friction anytime the furniture is used. Sofas, chairs, and ottomans can also accumulate food particles, crumbs, and small dropped objects, which can gather underneath the cushions and potentially attract pests or cause issues like fabric damage.

While removing cushions, vacuuming surfaces, and cleaning out the inner workings of furniture can be difficult and time-consuming, professional cleaners can tackle the job in no time. By systematically removing cushions and carefully vacuuming the surfaces and interior, cleaners can help to protect the lifespan of your furniture and prevent issues like pest invasions and odors.

During cleaning, cleaners can fluff and check cushions for damage, helping your furniture to stay attractive, comfortable, and usable for the long haul. Vacuuming can also remove microscopic allergens like dust mites, making movie nights and relaxing evenings at home more comfortable later.

When you need a hand tackling essential cleaning tasks, give us a call. At Cleaning by House Beautiful, our entire team is completely committed to making your home cleaner, safer, and more welcoming than ever before. With nearly 40 years' worth of experience, we perform more than 22,000 cleanings a year for our clients. Call us today to schedule your next service.